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7 months ago

Hey guys I got some great news! Are you guys ready for the release for the server as much as I am? There is an update on the server release date! We should be able to get the server released on this weekend! Let's go ahead and give you some information about the release! As of right now the server release date will be on the 11th of December around 1 pm UTC-5! Click here to be taken to the live stream!


Custom Sounds

Now when you join the server you are forced to download and use a texture pack that ONLY adds around 600+ sounds effects to the server to make it more immersive.


The webstore https://store.seizon.net is now live, but please keep in mind that the webstore is still a work in progress. All payments and commands are working as we have tested it. If you found in issues, please go to https://seizon.net/tickets/ to open a ticket.

Server Information

Server is version 1.17.1 spigot with custom and cool features. The server will be released on the 11th around 1pm. The server is a custom survival server with features like custom mob drops, tags, custom enchantments, etc etc.

Features of the servers


- Crates System

- Social System (Player can do /social edit to edit their social links)

-Profile System (Players can do /profile to open anyone's profile)

- Over 600+ Sound interactions

- Over 230+ Enchantments along with 40+ more Custom Enchantments added from Crazy Enchants

- Custom Mob Drops

- Custom Villager Raid System (Bad Omen and Hero of the Village are now stackable)

- Over 30k+ lines of code for custom Menus

- Jobs System

- Over 1k quests to explore

- Custom Day N Night System

- Custom Interaction Animations

- Custom Recipes (Rotten Flesh has a use now)

- Custom Baltop Menu

- Custom Death Logic

- Custom Tipped Arrow Logic

- Party System

- Daily Rewards

- Auto Rankup System

and so much more!

More information about the server will be released in the WIKI! So stay tuned!