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News Server Released - Grand Opening
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7 months ago

Server Released - Grand Opening

Click here to be taken to the live stream!

Hello my fellow minecraftians! Today is the day that server releases. It's a big day for Seizon Networks and hope everyone is excited as I am to Play on Seizon Networks Survival Server! For those who don't know about the server, Seizon Survival is a custom-built survival server that months of planning and development has gone into. The server has full of quests, and secrets to unlock. Like, custom crafting, custom mob drop rates, custom rewards, custom death logic, and etc etc. Come join the server to find out today!


Some of the features include but not limited too:

  • Over 240+ Enchantments
  • 30+ Custom Enchantments
  • 600+ Custom Sounds Effects
  • Custom Mob Drops
  • Custom Drop rates for the Ender Dragon
  • Custom Death Logic
  • Custom XP Logic
  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Rewards
  • Crates System
  • Custom Voting System
  • Custom Vote Party System
  • Discord Sync
  • Custom Webstore and In-Game GUI
  • Jobs to gain money and xp
  • Auction House
  • Timed Helpful Hints
  • Custom Tags
  • Leaderboards
  • Playtime rewards
  • Custom Survival Kits
  • Claim Protection

and so much more!

Please keep in mind that this is the first day for the server, so there is bound to be some bugs and issues, but all the bugs that were found in testing where fixed. Also, the website is still in development and will be in development for a while since my main focus is the server and keeping it running. If you have any suggestions for the server or website, please let us know by creating a suggestion topic here to voice your suggestion. Others can vote on it to make it happen.


Thank you again for joining us,

Seizon Management