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News Server Was Updated
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6 months ago

Server Update

Updated to 1.18.x

Hello everyone, I know you guys requested for the server to be updated to the latest version which is 1.18.1 along with a few more features and minor updates.



  • Patched the Log4j exploit
  • Removed unused plugins and useless plugins
  • Added a better and updated anti-cheat
  • Added a custom anti-crash plugin
  • Updated the bugs with enchantments (Hopefully)
  • Updated plugins from 1.17.1 to 1.18.1 stable release
  • Updated and optimized APIs for the server
  • Optimized the server overall
  • Fixed Jobs Bug
  • Updated Client Detector
  • Laid down the framework for the custom mob models

If you find any more issues or bugs please let us know so we can patch it and get the server playable and fun.


Thank you,

Seizon Management