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News Server is Closing
Alphine Owner
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Discord Tag: AlphineGhost#0001
Twitch: https://twitch.tv/alphineghost
IGN: Alphine
5 months ago

Hello everyone and community members of Seizon, Due to little to no playerbase I have decided to close the server. Because of this, I'll be lifting all protections on the server after the Playtime Event is complete. The server will be in compelete Chaos, players can do what ever they want. Once this happens you'll be able to do the following:

  • Able to change your gamemode
  • Able to fly
  • Able to use any Essentials commands
  • Able to /kill people
  • Able to /tp to others
  • Able to grief spawn
  • Able to grief anywhere and everywhere
  • Able to use hacked clients on the server
  • Able to give yourself items

This will all be possible AFTER the playtime event is over. This Choas will happen for 3 weeks and then the server will be closed down to never be seen again.

I want to thank the few 4 players that was playing.