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Seizons Rules
Make sure you follow any and all rules.
Welcome to the rules Section where all the rules are laid out and explained in detail. Please keep in mind that these rules are SUBJECT TO CHANGE (meaning that any and all rules can be changed, added, or removed without prior notice). It is up to the player/member to keep themselves updated on the rules that may or may not have changed over time. 

Any and all players/members who are punished will have the chance to clear their record if they wish to do so, any requests are subject to the issuer of the punishment and are reviewed by a manager to make sure a fair assessment took place for a request. If Issuer of the punishment is ranked a manager or higher, then a third party will be included to oversee the assessment. If player/member fails to get a fair assessment, then Seizon Networks will include the community to act as a judge. If the player/member fails to be cleared, then player/member must purchase an unban/unwarn from the webstore to get them back on the server.
If this occurs, please use one of the following links below
Survival Rules
These rules are in place to keep the community and the server a fair place and to have fun.
  • No outside or unreleated advertising of any kind. This includes discord servers, websites, minecraft servers, webstores, etc,
  • Advertising is ONLY ALLOWED if you are releasing information about the Seizon Server, Website, Webstore, and Discord.
  • Advertising is ONLY ALLOWED if you are a ranked youtuber and/or twitch streamer that streams on the server or make videos of the server/community.
Hacked Clients/Cyber Threats
  • Hacked Clients of any kind is not allowed. This includes external clients that attach to the minecraft process.
  • Modded Clients that are modded with UNFAIR mods are NOT allowed whatsoever. Acceptable mods are found in the WIKI located here.
  • Hacking, DDoSing, DoSing, and DoXing is NOT ALLOWED even in a joking manner. This may lead to LEGAL ACTION if found taking theses actions.
  • Use of Exploits and Bugs is NOT ALLOWED.
Cyber Bulling
  • Cyber Bulling will NOT BE ALLOWED in the Sezion Community.
  • Sexual Harassment is NOT ALLOWED in the Sezion Community.
  • Racial Harassment is NOT ALLOWED in the Sezion Community.
  • Any of forms of harassment include disabilities, gender discrimination, sexual orientation, religion, stalking, etc is NOT ALLOWED in the Sezion Community.
Disclaimer: If any user of the Sezion Network (including mods, admins, etc.) if found to be harassing, threatening or actively abusing other users. This includes verbal and/or written, images, and/or videos used against the victim. They will be permanently banned without exception and legal action in accordance with the user's state/county may take place if deemed.
  • Spamming is NOT ALLOWED as it can be annoying to others.
  • Using caps is NOT advised; we understand there are times where CAPS is natural and/or happens without your knowledge but please refrain.
  • All Cussing is to be kept to a minimal, as all Cuss words are filtered, there are some that are able to bypass this.
  • Please keep topics in chats, forums, discord rated PG-13.
  • Joining a person's claim to take their items then leave is NOT ALLOWED
  • Once you join a claim you MUST stay in the claim for at least 10 days before leaving.
  • Giving items from within the claim to an outsider is NOT ALLOWED.
  • Loophole finding with claim rules is NOT ADVISED.
Player Killing
  • PKing newbies that aren't ranked Trusted or higher is NOT ADVISED.
  • Don't sit outside of spawn to kill players that spawned there.
  • Don't kill the same player more than 5 times in a row.
Teleporting Requests
  • Using Teleport Traps is NOT ALLOWED.
  • Using Teleport Requests to just kill the targeted player is NOT ALLOWED,
  • Claiming right outside of spawn is NOT ALLOWED.
  • Flight is ONLY allowed in your claim
  • Fleeing/Fighting with flight mode enabled is NOT ALLOWED
  • Griefing the wilderness is NOT ADVISED
  • Griefing claims is ALLOWED to a point.
    • All griefing to claims must be done with the command /siege
    • When Griefing, you can ONLY TAKE 45% of their items
    • TnT Cannons is NOT ALLOWED
  • Joining a claim then Griefing from the inside is NOT ADVISED

All these rules are to be followed by you, the player, and it is up to you to keep Seizon Networks a safe and fun community to others.

  • Minor Offence
    • 1st Offence - 30-minute Jail Time
    • 2nd Offence - 5 Hour Jail Time
    • 3rd Offence - 30-minute Mute
    • 4th Offence - 4 Day Mute
    • 5th Offence - 30 Day Ban
    • 6th Offence - 60 Day Ban
    • 7th Offence - Permeant Ban
  • Major Offence
    • 1st Offence - 6 Day Ban
    • 2nd Offence - 8 Day Ban
    • 3rd Offence - 10 Day Ban
    • 4th Offence - 60 Day Ban
    • 5th Offence - Permeant Ban
These Punishments are just a guideline for the staff member who will issue your punishment, punishment can be harsher if the staff member sees it necessary. Please note that the maximum for a Temp Ban is 90 days, if the punishment goes past that, then it's a permeant ban.

If you have any questions, please, contact an admin or manager.
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